• One day service
  • Axle does not have to be removed
  • Accuracy of boring angle, centering and size
  • Quality job at a minimum cost

The Problem

  • When the King Pin hole in a steering axle becomes elongated, it is necessary to either repair the axle or replace it.
  • The cost of replacement can range from several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Ordering and receiving a new axle can take as long as ten days to over two weeks.
  • Another alternative, taking the axle to a machine shop to be repaired, can take anywhere from two to ten days and the lack of accuracy can create a serious problem.
  • Using either of these methods can lead to potentially major downtime.

The Solution

By mounting the Steering Axle Sleeving Machine on the truck, eliminating the need to remove the axle, the entire axle boring procedure can be performed in the shop and your vehicle back on the road the same day.

How it Works

Boring of the axle hole is done on center and at the proper angle to ensure proper alignment and press fit of the sleeve. The sleeve is then reamed and/or honed to the exact size to receive the king pin.