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Consider these outstanding advantages:

  • Housing tubes and axle spindles are rebuilt on the road or in your shop without removing from your truck or trailer.
  • No costly™ towing charges.
  • No Axle replacement required.
  • No prolonged downtime costing additional thousands of dollars
  • Save from $700 to $2,000!
  • Same Day or Within 24 Hour Service
  • FREE Estimates
  • Portable Axle Repair On The Spot
  • Costs less than replacing the housing
  • Repair or Replace ALL Drive Spindles & Trailer -Spindles
  • Mack Trunions Replaced Under Truck
  • Steering Axle Sleeving Process: don’t let loose king pins & tire wear be a problem, the accurate process is done on the truck by boring & resleeving the axle eye, restoring it to original specs.

Repairing Bent Drive Axle Tubes

When a bearing melts on a drive axle tube, it destroys the housing. Photo shows bent axle tube.

The end of the axle tube is cut off, the tube is bored and the new part inserted into the housing. Patent pending.

Photo shows the completed drive axle repair. Time required is approximately three hours.


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